In Memorium

Dedicated to our fallen members
who served their country in time of war
and in time of peace.
Now they guard the streets of heaven.


This practice originated as an old custom of halting the fighting during a battle, so the dead could be moved from the battlefield. Once each Army cleared the dead and buried their solders, they would fire three volleys of rifle fire over the graves to indicate that the dead had been cared for and they were ready to go back to the fight.
Following the Civil War, this custom of firing three volleys of rifle fire was extended to the burial of all veterans of the Civil War. That practice is still followed today to honor all veterans that have an honorable discharge from the Military. The fact that a Rifle Detail may at times consist of seven riflemen it does not constitute a 21 gun salute. The 21 Gun Salute is normally reserved for Presidents, Generals, and Heads of States. The 21 gun salute is normally fired by cannons.