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alex mendoza   alexmendozausmc@aol.com
07-17-2013 6:48:01 PM PST

Hi Linda It was great talking to you on the phone. Semper Fi 2 Marines look good on the website. You have a great organization. One of our own past away recently and we honored him at the Riverside National Cemetery in full force. Here are several of us getting ready to go home. Alex

US Marine
05-27-2013 1:35:34 AM PST
Have a great Memorial Day - and thank you for serving.

Tony Tamboury   ttamboury@yahoo.com
05-14-2013 8:25:03 PM PST
Looking great team keep up the great work.

Sgt. Andy
05-14-2013 7:26:11 PM PST
Now that I've made my joke of the day, let me tell you all just how proud I am to be in your company. Semper Fi.

Sgt. Andy
05-14-2013 7:24:44 PM PST

This photo represents the proper way to store your hard drive. Semper Fi!

Linda Boatwright   lboatwright0353@gmail.com
05-14-2013 5:01:08 PM PST
Very good. Keep up the great work Alex!

Alex   usmc
04-29-2013 3:50:49 PM PST
testing message board web page....easy to use.